The Hope of the World

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By Dr. Jim Riley

Matthew’s Gospel highlights the fact that what Jesus brings to the world is hope. He quotes the passage that predicts the coming of Christ who will usher in a new era of hope.

This was to fulfill what had been spoken through Isaiah the prophet: 18“Behold, my Servant whom I have chosen, my beloved in whom I delight; I shall place my Spirit upon him, and he will proclaim justice to the Gentiles… 21And in his name the Gentiles will hope. Matthew 12:17, 18, 21

“In his name”—in the name of this Servant of God and this Chosen One in whom is God’s Spirit, the prophet Isaiah says— “the Gentiles will hope.” The question is, “What kind of hope is this?” This is some incredible kind of hope! This is not just hope for only one people; this is hope for the Gentiles, meaning all the nations of the world! Jesus Christ is the sole ground of hope for all the world. He is the only hope for the world. He alone is the source for all our hopes for this world. In a world that lives in hopelessness, comes the light of hope.

So, bank your hope on Jesus. Don’t bet your life on anything else. Not yourself, not your intellect, not your strength, not your income, not your career, not your social status. None of these are reliable. None can guarantee hope. They can evaporate in an instant. Neither put your hope in others, for ultimately none are perfect.

God’s only means for our hope is his Perfect Son, Jesus Christ. He is our only firm and unshakable hope. In him will the world find true hope. In every part of your life you can say, “Jesus is my hope.” Are you struggling with a difficult situation? You can say, “Jesus is my hope.” Are you worried about money? Say, “Jesus is my hope.” Are you faced with health concerns? Say, “Jesus is my hope.”

I cling to the hope Jesus gives me in spite of any of my circumstances. I will not allow doubt and fear to cling to me. I cling to Jesus. Jesus is my hope for my life, my family, my marriage, my children, my ministry.