Guidelines for Serving

Thank You for Serving

These guidelines will help you serve the Lord and our community in the best possible way and help us have successful events week after week.

Please note that currently during the pandemic, all meals are assembled inside by volunteers and served to the community outside of the building.   Masks are required by volunteers.

Before Dinner Church

  • Prepare your heart to serve before coming to Dinner Church.
  • Pray for team and community members who will attend.
  • Rely on and allow the Holy Spirit to guide and empower you with Christ’s grace.

General Tips

James 1:19 says, “Take note of this:  Everyone be quick to listen, slow to speak….”

  • Smile, be positive, and convey the joy of the Lord to others.
  • Learn people’s names to convey greatly that you value them.
  • Ask open ended questions (what, why where, when) to get to know people.
  • Do not interrupt or correct those who are speaking.
  • Listen with understanding and grace.
  • Share from your own life, but do not overwhelm with your own story.
  • Remember, Christ’s Presence is with us guiding our time together.
  • Pray silently during the evening and especially during the time at table.

Table Leaders During Dinner Church

  • Seek ways to serve the needs of the community members.
  • Develop friendships during the time of eating dinner.
  • Get to know community members’ names.
  • Develop trust levels by being open and genuine in sharing about yourself.
  • Get the ball moving during the discussion time following the Gospel Message.
    • Encourage those who are quiet during the table discussions but do not force anyone to talk.
    • Listen attentively to community members who do not speak clearly.
    • Sharpen your listening skills to pick up the meaning of what you hear.
    • Do not seek to judge or correct things that you think are theologically wrong.
  • Deal politely with the overly talkative.
  • Remember the significant things that people share around the table.
  • Be mindful of important feedback to share with pastor and team.

After Dinner Church Service

  • Continue to look for ways to serve the needs of the community members.
  • Linger at the table to continue any needed conversation with those at table
  • Ask to pray with anyone who would appreciate prayer, and if the individual is willing, pray with them.
  • Share at the Team Recap Meeting what you experienced during the evening.

Hospitality Hosts

Do not neglect hospitality, for through it some have unknowingly entertained angels.” Hebrews 13:2

  • Greet everyone with a smile and let everyone know that you are glad they came.
  • Graciously assist those who have mobility issues
  • Be aware of those who come intoxicated and ask them to not enter, but to come back next week when they are able to conform to our policy
  • Speak to the pastor if you are concerned about any persons being unruly.


“For you were called for freedom, brothers and sisters. But do not use this freedom as an opportunity for selfishness; rather, serve one another through love.” Galatians 5:13

  • Serve others from your heart and out of love of Jesus.
  • Take the way of going the “extra mile” to help people.
  • Treat others as your equals.
  • Demonstrate that you value others as you serve them.

Kitchen Helpers

“Serve with enthusiasm, as if you are serving the Lord and not to people.” Ephesians 6:7

  • Follow instructions from the Kitchen Head.
  • Work with a cooperative spirit.
  • Pray as you help prepare the meal so that it will bless those who come to dinner.