Schedule of Events



During the current pandemic, our weekly schedule is as follows:

4:30 – 7:30 PM – servers assemble the meals to go which are served outside.

5:30 – 6:30 PM – prayer warriors cover the evening in prayer.  Join us in prayer either in person or on your own


We hope to return to our normal schedule in the months to come.

4:30pm – Kitchen Team prepares meal

5::00pm – Servers arrive to set up Dining Room tables

5:30pm – Set up Food and Beverage Area

5:45pm – Volunteers briefing and prayer

6:00pm – Doors Open and Dinner served (greeters in place) (Music plays) (Servers should use this time to connect with community members)

6:10pm – Greeting and Prayer by Pastor

6:45pm – Dinner concludes & Short Break. (this will actually be determined by how many people are there) (Box the leftovers) (quick clean up)

6:50pm – Worship Music (clean up can be still going on quietly)

7:00pm – Message (short but powerful) (no one works during the message. It must be clear that this is very important) (End message with a table discussion topic or handout)

7:10pm – Prayer, Closing Song, and Table Discussion

At this point some people may begin to leave, thats ok just make sure they feel loved. Everyone wont stay and talk after the message but maybe they will. Be ready to respond for anything. Remember this kind of service will be new to a lot of people and they at first will be both curious and cautious about sharing.

7:30pm – Benediction